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Well the day I posted this link I ordered my 4. I recieved them today.

I don't feel bad about getting my replacement straps for free, I haven't had any problems with my old straps but I don't want to take any chances destroying my $3000 HDTV. Nintendo should have tested their product a little better before shipping them out. I mean they talk about the wiimote being safe if you use them properly, but they show people swinging wildly in their own commercials.
they also show people holding on to them with a grip Besides, in their commercials, they don't go too crazy. Saw the girl doing the bowling motion slowly and the wario game looked Harmless. I just think there are a lot of idiots out there trying to throw a pitch in Wii Sports Baseball and they throw the remote. Most probably don't use the strap in the first place. Thanks for the link, I ordered mine yesterday after I got the Wii serial #.