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    Quote Originally Posted by Omie
    Not trying to make a profit. I know people need them so I buy it for them. These are selling on ebay for $60-$70 thats more then $2 profit. If you knew my situation I think you would be more understanding, but you dont so its ok. I dont need to explain myself to you.

    I don't need to know your situation, you're just one of the many douche bags who happen to want a profit. I hope you one day get Aids and die slowly.

    If I don't know you, and if I don't talk to you on the forums, don't send me a friend request. I won't add you and will not give you an explanation.

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    Same here. NO Freakin' Nunchucks!! omg! It's the third week and i haven't found 1 nunchuck in my are! And also, all i need is one (1) more nunchuck. Already got 3 but Madden 2v2 isn't so fun with the bot because he's way too good.

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    yeah this shortage predicament is getting out of hand. most likely cause it's holiday season. i asked for a nunchuk for christmas so i can only hope one my relatives gets luckier than all of us!

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