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hmmm the charlie chocolate factory ones are good,i also made a brock mii.
Thank you, yeah making Brock is pretty easy on there. Especially the eyes they provide.

I made a Chio-chan (PIGTAILS)
Made a Ken-shin one but it didnt look right without the X
Other than that just a bunch of freaks

Cool, we should trade sometime if you're up to it.

Lol sorry dude i can see you put some effort into those but the fact u had to tell use wich was wich kinda points out the fact there not very much like the originals, i dont think its possible to make good versions with the wii's cause most of those looked nothing like the originals, but ill give u 10/10 for trying :P

Yeah I know they're not the best at all...but I tried and that's all I got to say. Thanks for being nice about it though. =) We should swap online codes sometime if you want.