Hi guys!

Ive been madly trying to setup my internet connection, but without any luck.
Ive got a laptop that connects to the internet via cable. It has a wifi card as well so i tried connecting wii to the internet via windows' Internet Connection Sharing.

This is where I stand now:

on pc:
- Internet Connections -> Wireless Connection (right click) -> Show Avail. Networks -> Advanced
- Wireless Networks tab -> Preferred Networks -> Add button
- entered SSID
- Turned on WEP and put in the passphrase
- selected "this network is an ad-hoc network"

on wii:
- Connection 1 -> Wireless -> Search for an AP -> [selected proper network from the list] (wii sees the network)
- typed in the WEP key when prompted
- saved
- test fails with the famous error 51030

Any ideas? I'm really desperate :/