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    What features would you like to see?

    Name says it all really, I'd like the B trigger to erase letters when you're typing to make it faster and easier, I'd also like to be able to drag over writing holding the A button to "copy" it then push the A+B buttons to paste it, to make browsing easier.

    Mhmm implementable upgrades in the final version for when new flash players come out, a way to save files to the flashdrive and the ability to download media players (obv not Media Player :P) and turn them into a channel to play said downloads, that would be awesome.

    Oh and OF COURSE that damn huge bar at the bottom of the browser should dissapear when you're pointer isn't on it and should reappear when you point at the bottom of the screen because it's taking up like a 1/6 of my tv screen >_<

    And extra zoom would be nice as would the mouse gestures from the pc version, or perhaps just using the D-pad as the back and forward buttons?
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    better zoom...no bar1
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