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    Setup for Wi-Fi Problem! Help Please.

    I just bought a linksys WRT54G Wireless G Router and did the setup on my computer. We were almost through with the setup when i tried out the connection on my Wii. Router was recognized, all the updates took place, and I even connected with the wii shop channel. I then went to the computer to finish
    the setup (thinking about everything was over). I had to choose the security type and the main choices were WPA Personal, WPA2, WEP Encryption, etc. It also wanted to know what channel to use. I picked WPA Personal and channel 11 thinking that this was the right choice. now I get the common 51330 error. (which after seaching for, discovered that fixing differed between routers.) Can someone please tell me what they think I did wrong and should now do?
    My wii code = 8178-0597-2418-9681
    Username= Pelts

    I am a serious gamer who is looking for serious gamers to play in the near future. I'd love to add you if you PM me with your code/username, thx

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    It looks like you changed the routers configuration after setting it up on the wii. You need to re-configure the wii connection to use the new settings on the router.

    Also, make sure that the router is broadcasting in mixed mode and not g-only.

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