Hi - first post so hope following correct format...
I have an (old) actiontec 1524, with latest firmware. it connects to PCs and DS's with no problem. For the WII it:-
1. Finds the access point correctly
2. Lets me enter the WEP (and puts out an error if enter incorrect code)
3. If use auto setup (i.e. use DHCP) I get error 52031
4. If use manual setup and enter IP, Mask and DNS I get error 52030

I have tried channels 1 (which was the default), 10 and 11
The actiontec 1524 doesn't have any settings for a built in firewall, only relying on NAT so cant turn that off
Can't find anywhere to change the MTU in the router as advised on some posts
Just to re-iterate - this works with a DS (well all 4 we have!) and the WII is in line of site of the router

As I'm in the UK the Nintendo.com forums wont let me register - does anyone here have any other suggestions or feedback using the actiontec?