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    but seriously, you know people are gonna multi post so why even bother? Its like George Bush and the war on drugs. There is nothing you can do to stop it, so why try?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wii-bert
    While I do get annoyed with multiple thread on the same thing, its also annoying seeing someone get flamed EVERYTIME they make a new thread. It is pointless because no matter how many times people get bitched at for it, its gonna happen. So just save your breath. When someone creates a thread on something thats already been covered, instead of raising the "use the search" flag, just don't post in that thread. By replying with useless requests to use the search function, you are keeping the thread alive. Let it die.
    The thing is, it's not a new thread as you like to see it as. I see it as a recycled or even a "refurbished" thread that continues on being asked on a weekly basis. No shit, it's going to happen, but that's just the internet...it bites you in the ass and the emos blog it. Raising the "Use the search feature" flag, is a nice way of saying: "Good job for reposting information that has been posted several times, idiot.". It's just in a nicer fashion. If useless requests have been unanswered, there will be multiple bumps and even more repetitve threads than they are now, so by using our breath, we are preventing some of the posters from asking it again.

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