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    Wii + Mac + Vonage = CONFUSION!


    I'm looking for some assistance since all of this wireless info makes me confused. I have a desktop Mac G4 that is currently connected to the Internet via an ethernet cable connection. It uses a Linksys router that also has a port for my broadband phone service (Vonage). I recently got a Wii that has been hooked up in the room next door to my computer. I would like to take advantage of the Wii's wifi connection so I've decided I need a wireless router. I'm looking for an inexpensive option that will allow the Wii to wirelessly tap into my Internet connection, while still allowing my Vonage & desktop connection. Can anyone assist me with the best sollution? I've spent a few hours researching online & I'm getting confused. Can I purchase an additional wireless router without phone access & hook my phone capable router into it? Is this redundant or is there a better option? I've got my eye on a Linksys wireless router on Amazon that's around $50. I really have no need for a wireless Mac connection, since I'm using a desktop Mac. I'm really just looking for something that will allow we to use the Wii's internet connection.


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    You can use any wireless router. I would suggest you just switch out your current router for a wireless router (just make sure it also has ethernet ports so it is a seemless swap). The only setup you would have to worry about is to transfer your port forwarding rules from the old router to the new, and your WIFI security (if you want any)

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