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    Quote Originally Posted by psyichic
    I strongly suggest that you improve your grammar. Not only does it make it very hard to understand what you are saying but it also makes you look extremely immature.

    On a side note I don't understand why everyone is so dead set on getting extremely violent games onto the Wii. They have CoD3 and Red Steel but apparently those aren't good enough because they are not rated M.

    Oh and just because games don't have curse words being thrown every 5 seconds and blood shooting everywhere does not automatically make it a "childgame". I know quite a few people in thier 30's who still play Zelda, my father even enjoys happy feet.

    So please think through your own post before you post and don't come up with these ideas in your head that any game that lacks an M rating is a child's game.

    Not to mention as ive already said if you have a need for an FPS fix then grab either red steel or CoD3.

    I am 16 and welcome blood n' guts but come on it doesn't make a good game..
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    Actually, I like being able to play a game where my parents could walk into my room at any given time and me not have to hide anything.

    Most "M" games, use alot of cursing, and they can because they just slap that "M" up there. And suggestive themes.

    Not at all parent-friendly.

    Even as I first cranked up Red Steel, my parents perked up a few eyebrows when they heard about 5 cursing words in a matter 10 or so minutes. (But thy found it funny that the people trying to kill me would say, "Murderer!" after I kill them.. OH THE IRONY!)


    In due time, in due time. Maybe game developers see if they make a game with CRAZY GOOD online goodies, people will buy it. And with the recent ease of getting hooked up wtih a usb wi-fi, many more can get online (such as me), which means, more people will pay for a good game that has good online.

    Super Smash Brothers being one of them (But maybe I'm exaggerating, unless they think of alot of different vs modes.)

    I wouldn't mind playing Red Steel online, though I'd get my hind end served to me on a rust covered platter.
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    Yep, same here...I would love to race or something!
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    Quote Originally Posted by WiiMemo
    Lol gonna have to burst your bubble on that point, there aren't any swear words in the japanese language.
    There may be no direct translations of English curses to Japanese curses but each culture has it's own variation of "the swear". For example: My friend who is Vietnamese said the equivalent of the f-word in Vietnamese translates to "I hope that you trip".

    Each culture has it's own way of using swears. Just because they do not translate directly into our own way of saying things does not mean that it is not necessarily a swear.

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