First off i would just like to say hi i been looking at these forums for a while now and decied to make a account

And since im here i might as well spread some good news
Every wanted to stream your music videos and photos form your PC to Wii.. well here is how

1) Install winamp (great media player - you need at least v5.3.2) and winamp remote which you can download by clicking on the "winamp remote" link in the media library of winamp.

2) Set up a free winamp remote account.

3) Right click on the winamp remote system tray icon and choose configuration. Now add the directories containing the music, videos, photos etc that you want to make available through winamp remote.

And you're done. Now just browse to in your Wii browser and login and you can access your music.

theres a slight problem with videos but it dose work on WMV files that arnt high res