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    New Wii Nickname

    HEads up to all people with my on their friends list I changed from V.T. to NESoldschl my Username is nintendo_oldschool
    So remember if you have V.T. on your friend's list just change it to NESoldschl

    Well thanks
    Wii Games: Wii Sports,Wii Play,Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games,Game Party,Links Crossbow Training,SSBB,House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return.

    Next Games to Buy:Mario Kart Wii,Wii Fit,Mario Stadium Baseball, Cooking Mama: Cookoff,Mario Party 8, Mario Strikers Charged,Big Brain Acadmy Wii Degree,Wario Ware SM, Animal Crossing Wii,Boom Blox.

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