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    Linksys WRT54G Settings

    I need help with my settings so i can connect with my Wii.....I can get it through the access point just not the connection test i get the 52130 error....But i do use an account with parental control could that be it?

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    If you use the forum's search function, you will find that there are many threads about getting routers to work, which routers do work, and much, much more.
    Good luck.

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    WRT54G works fine with Wii, and is one of the most common routers out there.

    At first, I couldn't connect to my wrt54g when I had encryption turned on. I turned off encryption, and the Wii connected. I let the Wii do it's updates, and once that was done, I turned encryption back on, and now it's fine.

    Login to your router, default IP is
    goto wireless, then wireless security.
    if it has WEP or WPA selected, change it to Off (or disabled, I forget the excact wording).
    Have the Wii search for a new connection again and it should connect. Check for updates until it says you are up to date, then turn the encryption back on.
    You'll need to have the wii search for the router again, and enter the encryption key when asked (the key entered on the router).

    WPA-TKIP(PSA) is the best combination of security and ease of use.

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