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    usb message problems

    I recently bought a nintendo wifi usb adapter and I've installed it and connected my wii with little problems, but I sent a message to my email via my wii and I got the message saying that I need to reply to be able to register the wii as my friend or whatever so I replied but I never received the message on my Wii, I've tried a few times since, but never got anything, I also sent a message from my wii to my wife and it took more then a day for her to receive it, but with my friends email we've already sent several messages back and forth to each other, and he seems to receive them almost right away,
    I've also noticed that the wifi usb connector registration tool says that its not connected and then reconnects about every 3 to 5 minutes. any help or info would be great,
    my wii code is 3522 7645 3627 0458
    pm me so we can add each other

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