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    internet channel, vc channel stop working

    i recently had a problem while on the internet channel, i was surfing normally and while loading a page it froze, no way i can control the wii with remote, so i think i press home button and reset the software, and after that went to a black screen with no response for about 2 minutes. Desperately, i was unable to turn off the console, the system didnt shut down, so i unplug the power cable manually. Since then i havent been able to connect to the internet and vc channel.
    I think maybe has to do with resseting the software and got screwed. I was thinking if there is a way to copy a new internet channel from a sd card from somebody to verify if its a software issue. I test my connection on wii settings and system shows no problem connecting.

    sorry for such long post, but dont know what to do. If anyone can help

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    Ive got the same problem actually... but only with the shop. I was dl a vc game, the wii froze and now everytime i try to connect to shop, its always trying to connect without answer... My internet work and my weather work fine, only the shop -_-
    The games i actually Own:
    WiiSports ( for sure lol )
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