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    How to Setup Security.....

    Uh hey, yeah i just got my wii yesterday and stuff. I was wondering, what and how should i secure my wireless internet so no one can like steal it... You see ive got a normal router and then the wireless router. The Wireless router only has 2 ports at the back for the blue wire while the normal router has 4. So i cant directly connect to Wireless router as the wired iternet will not be available to the other computers in my house. Is it possible to connect my Wireless router to the normal one? And once thats done, is it possible to secure it? Im like confused, soz if this is kinda nooby but i dont know much about wireless stuff and i know theres lots of people out there on Wiichat who no alot!

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    What do you mean so no one can steal your wireless? You have to enter a code fore you do gain access. Or have you not done that?

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