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    WiFi USB 24/7 problems

    ok so i got the USB and so far. i hate it so MUCH!. i try geting the connection and yes it does work. the problem is the Wiiconnect24. i enable it and everything. but i still lose connection and its only 2 feet away form the Wii. the WiFi Connector Registration Tool. always says "There Are no Connection Users" but when i do something that is online like, the internet, or the Wii Shop. it comes back. how do i make it so that im always connected to the USB WiFi 24/7 so i can enable this Wiiconnect24.

    (sorry for alot of miss spelled words. im not a good typer )

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    Er, have you configured the Wii itself to use the USB dongle?

    I take it you're using the official one. Don't let it get too hot. I found that mine didn't work so well when it's hot. And all it takes is for you to leave it in the USB port for it to do that - not even have the program running.

    Also, what's your normal internet connection like? reliable?

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    WC24 isn't actually on 24/7. It just checks in every 15 minutes or so, and then very briefly. If you sit and watch it for a while, you'll see the "User connected" bubble pop up occasionally.
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