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    Read the manual. Do what it says. Set up Wii after. Simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by tuned
    Enter the Wii Options -> Wii Settings Internet -> Connection Settings -> Connection 1 -> Wireless Connection -> Search for an access point

    This is assuming you have no security configuration in place, and anyone can access your wireless network. If the router defaults to wireless off (which I have yet to see) then you may have to enter the router config through a wired computer on the network and change the config. Good luck.
    You don't seem to understand. He bought a wireless router, and hasn't done ANYTHING with it yet. Not even set it up.
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    Thanks, Its just i have always had Cogeco Digital internet, so i bought a router and have know clue what to do

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    Try to hook up the router to your computer first. the router is for your computer! The router routes signals to other devices that can use wireless internet and such. like the wii!!! than just leave that whole thing along and go to your wii and set it up on your wii to get the internet. there's a manual for all this.

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