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    Help with USB wifi adapter

    I have the nintendo usb wifi adapter installed on my computer and linked wirelessly to my wii.

    It works great, no problems at all UNTIL I turn off the PC (obviously can't keep it on all the time). Now, I know it's turned off so I don't try and go online with the wii as it won't work, however when I turn the pc back on it takes a while of fiddling about (rebooting pc, switching off wii at plug etc.) for it to work again. This usually takes a few minutes (sometime 15) of mucking about but it does always eventually work.

    What I'd like to know is if there's any way I can have it so that I just switch the pc on (with the wii on standby) then it just immediately recognises it again?

    Hopefully someone understands what I'm asking and can help me out here. Thanks a lot!

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    That's pretty typical of Windows. That's why I'm a Mac user. Long story short, it's normal.
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