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    24 connect is for sending and receiving wii-mail, letting your mii travel and to download news/weather reports. It will give you notices that you can update your software if the update involves the addition of a new channel such as the opinion or news channel.
    To be an effective e-mail client it really does need to be connected 24 hours or your mail will be delayed. I've found that the timed delay from me sending and e-mail from my main server to when it's received and posted by the wii to be in the range of 5 minutes or less (of course, that may increase as more and more people use the 24connect and start to tie up server/bandwidth).

    I'm glad that it gives you the option of updating the software instead of just doing it automatically. Can you imagine the trouble that might occur if you turn off your router at night and it was in the middle of a download/update? You might just end up with a 'bricked' unit.

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    yeah when i'm updating on my wii my internet connection sucks on my laptop, so if it was always automatic, would not like that very much..

    einwol, it is on all the time, but it's not like it is downloading all the time.. it is there to get what it needs much sooner than if it had to go through some sort of initialization procedure every time you turn on the unit.. its actually similar to the tv you have it hooked up to.. all tvs nowadays are always in some sort of "on" state, otherwise it would take about a full minute for the screen to come on..
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