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    Wii proxy trouble.

    First and foremost, I browsed around for a bit and found threads relevant to this one, but not quite what I was looking for.

    I, like many others, am behind a firewall due to college. I have a wireless router which let's me browse webbies that aren't blocked by websense. I was curious, how exactly do I get the proxy to work in the Wii? Whenever I insert the proxy address (I'm using https://www.url1.in), I need to enter the port number, which I have no idea about.

    I've already updated it at a friends, and whatnot. The goal I'm trying to reach right now is to access the Wii shop channel so that I can buy VC games.

    Would it even be possibly to access the Wii shop channel through a firewall?

    Thanks in advance.

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