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    Firewall Problems with TrendMicro Internet Security 2007

    I am currently trying to figure out the firewall settings for TrendMicro Internet Security 2007 to allow sharing of an internet connection through the Nintendo WiFi USB Connector.

    The problem short and sweet is figuring out the correct firewall settings on TrendMicro Internet Security 2007. If I disable the firewall, everything works, but I have no firewall (bad thing). This is the current work around is to temporarily disable the firewall when I want to connect to the interenet on my wii.

    The fact that the connection works once the firewall is disabled confirms the problem lies with the firewall settings.

    There has to be a more elegant solution.

    I have read the nintendo support forums on firewall settings:

    Futhermore, I have found a similar thread discussion for McAfee Firewall settings:

    Anybody have a similar problem and figured out the TrendMicro Internet 2007 firewall settings yet?

    I have tried allowing program access for the USB Connector program under the Program Control tab.

    I have tried allowing network access under the Network Control tab.

    No luck so far. Any help is appreciated.

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