Hi everyone
I just got this emial to my pc email saying

An owner of a Wii Console is asking permission
to register you as a Wii Friend to exchange
e-mail with you. This individual's Wii e-mail address is
w@wii.com <mailto:w@wii.com>

If you would like to exchange e-mail with this
individual, simply reply to this message.
You will then be able to exchange e-mail with
the following Wii address:
w@wii.com <mailto:w@wii.com>

If you are unfamiliar with this Wii console and
its sender, please erase this e-mail without
responding to it.

what do i do now ive already add them as a wii friend and how did it get sent to my normal email address.. the time i put my email addy in was when i set up the shop to link my points and that came up invail email or password so i didnt link it..

or have i put in and cant remember if i did where did i do it