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    do these all work with the wii
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    some of them do. some don't. fun to try though Strange idea of fun...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wiiisawesome
    Another site I find useful... www.alloftv.net it's really good and it has a lot of shows...Some of the episodes don't work on the Wii though...
    Unfortunately, ALLOFTV was a decent site, but it recently died.

    Also, stage6: divx site is cracking down on copyright and is quickly deleting all the good shows. Man, all this sucks badly.

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    If you cannot tell already I am a huge

    fan of both Nintendo, and Zelda.

    However I am concerned about the

    approach that Nintendo is taking towards

    this next-generation. The Wii is a great

    system, and is a great concept (truly),

    (which is why it outsell the PS3 6 to 1 in Japan)

    however it lacks the RAW power needed to

    fuel the utmost desires of (not only) Nintendo

    fans (such as myself), but of the rest of the

    gaming community in general. To this date I

    have yet to hear Nintendo announce a TRUE

    online game. The new Pokemon game that

    came out recently claims to have online

    functionality, however in reality the Wii systems

    send out small bits of information

    (moves, pokemon status, etc).

    Nothing TRULY remarkable, if compared

    even to last generation Online gaming.

    What Nintendo should do, if it wishes to

    remain "Top Dog" this generation is

    (at least) create First-Party titles that

    utilize TRUE online functionality. That way

    third party companies, can deem the Wii

    interesting enough to take the time and effort to create

    decent Online titles for the Wii. Yes it is great to

    bring gaming to the masses, but Nintendo should

    consider the rest of the gaming community as

    well. Nintendo is a successful company because

    of it's great First Party characters (Mario, Zelda, Kirby, etc),

    Nintendo should utilize the power of the Wii, and reinvent

    these First Party titles by making them Online

    functional. Some titles are better off without

    Online capabilities, however there are some titles

    that I (and perhaps the rest of the gaming community)

    would wish could of had been Online functional.

    (Such as last-gen title "Super Smash Bros. Melee")

    My name is Luis, and I am a huge fan

    of Nintendo, if you wish to reach me

    email me at


    or find me on MySpace


    I hope that there are enough people

    as passionate as I am about gaming.

    It is truly a massive market that is not

    always respected by the general public.

    If enough people read this and pass it

    on to their friends, eventually we should

    catch the eyes and ears of Nintendo,

    so that they may bring quality gaming

    to this next generation of video games.

    Thank You!


    Find me on MySpace
    -No External Links
    email me atlulu91dashiznit@hotmail.com

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