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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarai_132
    Ya mines perfectly fine too. I was wondering if you knew what company made Perfect Dark for N64?

    it was rare thats the reason the seqel was on xbox
    PS3 now, sorry Wii. You gather dust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wii-Wild
    Does the Wii shopping channel ever go down. I have been trying to get on for about an hour now with no luck. My Wii internet works, as does my weather and news. When I go to Wii shopping and hit "start", I get stuck on the "Loading, Please Wait" screen and the little blue circle just continues to spin forever. It won't let me back out (however, the machine is not locked up). I have to hold the power button until it shuts down and then restart it. It seems like the Wii shopping channel is down, but I want to make sure. I have only had this thing for one day so I am still new to this. It has worked fine up to this point. Any ideas?

    iv had my wii since it came out but today i turnd it on all going well id seen that starfox 64 was out for downlod the last time i was on so i tryed to get in to the shoping chanel but has the same proplem you did its a first tho iv alredy got other downlods that i had no problems downloding i dont have a clue whats up.

    ps sorry for bad speling and gramer

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