I all, im new to all this and let me apoligise for my grammer, (its not much to write home about lol)
I am having serious problems with connecting to internet through opera on my wii, I went out and bought an offical nintendo wifi usb connector, and installed it as directed on the box and it connected fine, and updated fine, only to find out 15 mins later it disconnected itself and i tried to reconnect and it would'nt, i tried to open nintendo on my pc and it would,nt access file, i have uninstalled wifi following instructions on this forum including dervmont (the removal too that comes with the cd driver) now i am finding it so hard to reinstall the usb, i am using a rhine 2 fast ethernet adapter, with default gateway, also using avg antivirus, could some one please help me out its really done my head in ive been trying for over a week now, and there's only so much a man can take, if i carnt sort it iw looks like the usb will be going, and ill forget the idea of trying to connect, i would like to ues a wired connection but im unabel to get the wii lan adapter around here, some 1 must know how to sort my problem. all the help will be so greatful.