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    Quote Originally Posted by Fdot
    k sorry for not mentionioning, i have a belkin 2.4ghz router (with two antennas)
    have you all got any links to the devices you recommended ?
    Is it a F5D7230-4? What version number is it? If it is v.1444 or earlier, you may consider getting a dd-wrt firmware flashed. This firmware allows you to boost the wireless signal a little bit. So this would be the cheapest fix for you. If you do not want to take the risk, try the followings in your router setup.
    First, If you do not have any 802.11b device, you may set the router to 802.11g only. That would help the transmission a little bit too.
    Second, try switching to other channels. Do you have other 2.4GHz device, such as cordless phone, running at home? If you are in the US, you have 11 channels surrounding 2.4GHz on your router (14 for other countries). Use only 1, 6, or 11. Try each of them and see which one give you better signal. Only these 3 channels are far apart enough that have no overlapping bandwidth. If all these failed, you may consider the other options I suggested above.
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