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    A dongle or LAN adapter is good as long if it is NOT made by Datel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinji
    A dongle or LAN adapter is good as long if it is NOT made by Datel.
    K, what's wrong with Datel. That's the one I'm using right now.

    No problems whatsover, I had a choice to get the official Nintendo or Datel version both were about the same price. Bought the Datel version cause it looks excactly the same and comes with a LAN activity LED and an ethernat cable (which I don't need cause I use CAT5e), the LED is very useful if you need to know if the Wii is sending/reiceving data and for diagnostics...

    I see nothing wrong with thrid party products. In fact, my component cable is also third party; same boat different fish. They're Blaze Wii component cables and if you ask me and look online for reviews, most would say they're much better quality and built than the official Nintendo component cables plus they're cheaper too...

    If it wern't for thrid party products, I don't think the Wii would be doing as well as it's doing right now. Think, third party games and peripherals when Nintendo has system and peripheral shortage problems...???

    Wanna know why the PS2 did so good in sales, three words: Third Party Support!

    So just back off dude...
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    I've got a DATEL LAN adapter and a Nintendo USB dongle.

    Despite having wireless in my house I could not no matter how hard I tried to get my DS to communicate externally to the Internet. It was present on the network, being identified by the router with its MAC address and had an IP address assigned to it but it would not connect to the Internet.

    I can't believe Nintendo would sell a product that is "wifi compatible" but is so anal about what routers it likes. It just seems to me that they put the cheapest wireless network adapter in their product and pushed it out to the main stream. The fact that it is only compatible with WEP also suggested that the technology used in the DS is several years old and there was no way that I was buying a new wireless router or access point and lowering the security on the WiFi in my house just for a handheld. So I purchased the dongle and I use it for the DS whenever I want to have a game online.

    I thought that the Wii would be a different kettle of fish and would be pretty straight forward to set up on the network. Assign it an IP, MAC filter it, add the wifi settings to the console and away we go. Wrong. Even though it is WPA compatible this time, it still won't go online despite being able to ping it on any PC within the network in this house.

    I've used a X-Box 360 before in my house to get online and I've had no problems with that at all. In the end I just decided to use the dongle for a bit on the PC until Nintendo or a third party would bring out a LAN adapter. I was getting sick of having to keep my PC on to go online with my Wii, and when Datel brought out their adapter I purchased it.

    Just because its third party doesn't mean its rubbish. Ultimately it is only a circuit board and by buying a Nintendo branded one you've just paid three pounds more for a product which a) is exactly the same as the Datel one, b) should have been built into the Wii in the first place. Not everyone wants Wireless consoles Nintendo, some of us know its more trouble than its worth.

    It depends what you want though. I know I couldn’t put up with needing my PC on whenever I wanted to use the wireless. The LAN adapter gives me the freedom of not needing the computer on and I can still go around the house by just plugging into a spare port.

    Cables, I love em.

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