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Thread: Stop Asking Me

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    Stop Asking Me

    my inbox was full of people(mostly from people who i haven't even seen on these forums before) asking me to add them

    why would i go through the effort of adding a complete random stranger over the internet to me wii?

    and why are you guys so very very desperate for wii friends? does it matter that much? i mean(i have yet to add a person on my wii) isn't the only thing you can do is send messages?....so you're sending me a message, so you can send me messages?

    ughhhh it's very annoying, back off, maybe i'll add someone that i see regularily on this forum, but for now the only friends i plan on having on my wii is actual friends, you know....the ones i see on a regular basis?

    the mario that's roomed with mush
    my wii is not connected to the internet, so i can't play brawl online for a bit....please do not spam inbox with friend code requests

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