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well I got one yesterday and I can't get mine to work. I tried it on a laptop running XP and a desktop running XP. The laptop was literally a foot away from the Wii so there would be no interference issues or range issues.
I set the channel on my router to both 1 and 11 to try both, I followed the instructions in the USB connector manual to the letter. I even turned off my firewall and antivirus completely to try it. I am connected to my ISP (Verizon DSL) on the computer I have the connector plugged into.

What in the world am I missing?!?!?!

I am ready to return the connector.

I keep getting a 52240 error which means it can't reach the internet.
All right, digits are good. Okay, now.. Like I've said in a previous post, because I was helping another guy out, you have to search what the digits are.. Here, I'll give you think link.
Okay, enter your 5 digit numbers. After that, it will tell you what the problem is, and how to fix it (if they can). If not, try calling Nintendo.

Btw, Sarasota.. Lol, you live like.. 1 hour and 45 mins away from me. :P I went to Sarasota likeeee.. a month ago (: