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    Help cannot connect!

    I have a Linksys WRT150N router, and two range booster. The internet was working fine, if you can believe that. I'm been playing around with the setting, but this was the orgianal settings:
    -Ip address:
    -Acces Url:
    -no user name, & my own password
    -dhcp: disabled (thats a must) will make the sever go down if it is on.
    -wireless channel: 6-2.437
    -SSID Broadcast: disabled
    -UPnP: disabled (I tried enabling it and still did not work)
    -wireless network mode: mixed

    I also tried to enabled the wireless mac filter, but I think that does not work with the range boosters, b/c they went down shortly after. I tried from my house changing the channel to 11 and had to come back to the house where the main internet is to change it back. B/c it took our internet down. I also tried enabling SSID Broadcast.... did not work. I have not tried changing the channel to 1. Its getting late now.

    But if anyone has my same router and range booster that can help I would so love it. My email is little.gecko2@gmail.com or on Yahoo msg Lady_Tiffany_2002.

    I did get it to connect once, but it did not stay connected. I'm not giving up, I now there must be a way...damn-it. I know other people have the same problem I am having, maybe not the same setup as me though.



    Also I have the USB connecter if you don't have a router, but it wont work b/c our internet is already hooked up to a router. But I did get that thing to work at my grandma's house and she does not have a router. I know they have been discontinued.
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    It doesn't matter if the internet is already hooked up to the router. The USB Connector will still work, since mine works with the router, when it's connected. Did you do your settings on your Nintendo Wii yet? Does it give you an error code? If so, post your five digit numbers here..
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