I can't seem to get the Wii to connect up to a wireless Linksys router that connects to a DSL router. The Linksys will allow his PC to connect to the DSL router and Internet, but he has to log in to the Verizon DSL system to get online..I think this is the problem. The Wii system finds the SSID for the wireless Linksys router, but can't connect to the internet. Another wireless system (neighbor's house who uses Cable Modem, not DSL) can be seen and connected to, so I know the Wii is working as it should, at least as far as the wireless config goes. When trying to connect to the local Linksys router via wireless, the Wii connects to it but can't get thru to the internet.
I'm guessing that the DSL router is requiring a login to allow passage to the internet...this is how it works using the wired portion of the router. Since there is no way (that I know of) to make the Wii Log in to the DSL network, I'm out of ideas on connecting via wireless. The linksys router is a newer multi band router, so I don't think the router is the problem..instead I think the need to log in is causing the problem. The ISP is Verizon using a DSL modem. A login IS required to get to the internet...once logged in any browser will work, but only after logging in. Any suggestions?