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    Wi-Fi Connection Setup Problem

    Hi Everyone

    Sorry if this has been posted before but this is my first post so be gentle please,

    My daughter got her wii for xmas and she has asked me to connect it to the internet for her so she can play with other users.

    We are on virgin media with cable modem connected to the computer via an

    ethernet cable ,The model of the cable modem is a REALTEKRTL8139/810X FAMILY ETHERNET NIC

    and i have tried to connect the wii via an 54MBPS WI FI ADAPTER MODEL ZB1211B

    The wii sees the wireless adapter etc but when you do the connection test it says no internet connection and gives me a error code 52030 the wifi usb sees the wii trying to connect with the correct address code but then the error code appears,it seems that it maybe the computer is blocking it from connecting i have been into the firewall setting and changed the setting so it does not block the wifi usb but i still get the error code i have been on the nintendo web site but it does not give you much info then i already know,Has anyone had the same problem and managed to get it working please can you let me know how you done it

    look forward to you replies

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    You'll have better luck and an easier setup if you get a router with wireless versus trying to run through that adapter. Plus it won't require your PC to be on, and you'll get a nice hardware firewall for the PC and everything else. Good use of $50.
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