So I was getting booted out of games every 30 seconds or so. I've a quite a few threads on this site alone talking about the constant disconnects in MOHH2. It was frustrating to say teh least. Then I searched the interwebs(that's what I call the internet) and found this thread talking about setting the Wii to a static IP.

The guy that posted it is MNL148 on the Nintendo tech forums, so props goes to him.

After following those steps I played for 15 minutes straight with no hiccups, burps, farts or disconnects at all.. It was awesome. So I gotta go get my butt handed to me some more.

BTW, I have a Linksys WRT54G ver6. I know there were alot of people with the Linksys routers having this issue. If you are still reading this part, what are you doing, go setup your static IP already...