Well, I've stumbled across this lovely little site.

After I thought to myself, "Hey. I'm tried of just playing "Random" matches. I think I need to find a site that does like a chat room for DS an Wii wifi."

So I googled around.

And I found this place:


It's new.
It's underpopulated.
The forums are dry as all-get-out.

BUT. It's got a "Chat" function up at the top.

Brings you to a java applet chat room.
Where you basically go, "EI HOO WANTZ 2 PLEI DIS GAME>?"

Just thought I'd share the info.
It DOES look like I'm advertising a rival forum.
But if you go there for the forum, it's like going to the salad bar looking for a filling meal (-rimshaw-).

I'll be there as soon as I figure out which of my DS games I can play wifi on.
I've been without wifi for months now... Just figured out how to make it work.