I have had my Wii for 5-6 months but never used the internet on it before. About a month ago I got a wireless router so I use the online gaming on my psp and then my friend pointed out to me that I can also use it for my Wii. I went to setting got the connection working and it was all good. I was able to play online games use all the channels I wanted go on different sites and all that jazz but then oneday it just stoped working. I found out that my router got messed up. but when I fixed it ( I knew it was fixed because I could go online on my psp ) my wii still wouldnt work. so my brother was playing around with it one day and delete some channels now all I have is Mii, photo, weather, and wii shop. I got the connection working today and was able to play SSBB but after that I tryed to get on to ebuddy to go on msn and I cant get any of that running just the 4 channels I have. does anyone know what to do to get that fixed??
Thanks ^_^