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    how to connect the animal crossing ds to the animal crossing wii together?

    not too sure what post this should be in, tried to find the help one but couldn't.
    i am trying to connect my animal crossing ds game, to the animal crossing wii game so i can transfer my person over to the wii game and back to the ds when finished playing.
    reason being i travel a fair bit and i take my ds to play but i'm getting no where with my wii person and wondered if i could transfer things over to it so i am getting somewhere.
    also wanting to see if i can mail things like money and stuff to the wii person i have. can anyone help me out? its driving me mental!
    many thanks
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    I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to achieve, but I'll try and help anyways.

    You can transfer your DS character over to the Wii the first time you play and it will transfer only your catalogue, no money or items etc. You will get the option to do this when you first create a new character in the wii version.

    You can also use the DS to transport your wii character to another wii. ie you save your file to the ds, go to your friends house, and use the ds to upload that character to their game and visit their town. Its good if you dont have wifi. You do this by chosing the 'suitcase' option when you go to the gates.

    I dont think you can transfer your wii character to your DS, play it in there and transfer it back to your wii with all the new items etc that you collected.

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