Well hello
i have a big problem with my wii and i dont know how to fix it...

before i bought the wireless router(its basicly a switch [Netgear wnr2000]) i had a wired router so i bought a nintendo lan adapter to connect to the internet
but after 2 weeks i went out to buy the router i said before so i can connect to the internet from the TV and not using my PC as a TV it was all working well with the wireless and the wired
(i gave the adapter to a friend so he could get online too)

but after some time of inactivity (about 1 month) my wii connection to internet through wireless stopped working and it gave me errors like 51330-51332
so i searched the nintendo support i followed everything but nothing...

and then i decided to ask my friend to give me back the adapter
i got it back but the wii doesnt even recognise the adapter (usually in console info it would say the wii lan adapter MAC address)
but i get the error 51420-51422

anyone know what happened to the wii (cause i think its definately a wii problem and not a router problem)

P.S.: i already formated wii to its original state but nothing and i also reseted the routers at factory settings and also upgraded the netgear router to newer version and after seeing its not working i also downgraded to older version but still nothing