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    Making the Nin. wifi USB dongle work with Vista 64 bit?

    Okay, so. I can't download games from the shop onto my Wii through a wireless access point plugged directly into the network because my college network blocks it. However, back when I had my older computer which had XP, I used the Nintendo wifi USB dongle, and could download games onto my Wii just fine. I think this is because the downloads went through my computer, so the network didn't recognize it as a Wii download and didn't block it.

    My old compy broke so I had to get a new one with Vista, and of course the dongle doesn't work with it; the driver won't install. I want to find a way to force it to work, even if I have to use some other driver to install it as a generic wireless access point and not a Nintendo-specific one. All I need is to be able to get my Wii online through my computer preferably without having to buy an all new USB wifi thing.

    So, how can I do that, if at all?
    Also, will the Nintendo drivers work with Windows 7, which I am getting in a month? If so I'll just wait.
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