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    New homebrewers/new solution.

    Team Twiizers and hackmii.com have came up with a new homebrew solution , you may download it here http://hackmii.com/. titled "willy games and here from tehskeen.org http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showt...threadid=14387

    heres some extra info from tehskeen
    A Small note to add to prevent updating the Nintendo Wii

    Since the release of Nintendo's System Menu 4.2, it has caused a catatrophic worry amongst most users. I don't care how you use you're wii, but a easy solution to prevent one self or a family member/friend from updating the said wii, is either not update (but that's easier said than done if you don't enable the next option, or it's too late). A great option is turning-on Parental-Controls. This will stop you from updating, since it will ask you to enter you're PIN! So no need to worry about someone clicking update., since they cannot proceed without you're PIN.

    Hope this helps, in case you didn't already know

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    in other words avoid the update
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    mario kart friend code is 5371-0387-5877 if you fancy a race email me or pm me so i know youve added
    im in colchester essex uk and my username is az my guest player would be my mrs and the username is DVA

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