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    Nintendo Wii Sucks!?

    If this is your honest oppinion, do us all a favour, and get off one of the most used forums for this system, wiichat.com. Oh wait, thats us!

    If you don't like our system, then why be around it? You're just making yourself look like a greater idiot by crying. Truthfully, no one cares whether or not "the gfx suxors OMFG", or if "gaming is about being as lazy and stupid as possible". If your gaming experience really rides more on graphics, than on ingenuitive gameplay, just please move on somewhere else.

    For those who think Wii online sucks!
    Ok well you're just an idiot. The service isn't even officially online yet. Right now it's all about socializing and meeting people. But if you think playing online for FREE is bad for the Wii, then you agree that being immersed in a game online, where you do more than click a couple of buttons, is a total load of crap, and that super smash bros brawl is just stupid, and should be played alone. (thats what multiplayer games are for, right?)

    So thanks for listening to my rant.

    Add my Wii online number, and then PM me.

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    ummm wii is so cool
    My Wii #


    email Me when you add me:

    "Sean G"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xepher__
    If you don't like our system, then why be around it?
    They got nothin' better to do, Id assume...
    I also speak Yoshi, by the way.

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