Season 1 is winding down (less than 40 league games remain) and the playoffs will be starting soon, so it's time to think about Season 2.

Since it's been such a smashing success, we are going to be running two different kinds of leagues at the same time.

1.) A choose any team league, that's right, you can choose whatever team you want, no more getting stuck with the Browns or the Lions. In fact, you could use a different one every game if you want.

2.) A draft league, I've got a complete W-L record for every member of the website and the player signed up with the worst record will get to choose his team first and the player signed up with the best record gets to pick his team last.

As usual, the releasing of weeks will be done based on how well the league progresses.

We will continue to have tournaments and our weekly NFL predictions.

By the way, new members that I don't know have to play (2) initiation games before being approved to play in leagues and tournaments. The initiation games are to see how quickly you schedule and play your games and it makes sure you complete your games without quitting.

Everyone is welcome to sign up for the above leagues, or you can just hang out in the chatbox and get to know us all.

Thanks for your time,