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    Help! Problems sending messages!

    Hey I need help sending messages.
    I saw the article with Wii tricks and tried the "blue light" trick.
    I added my personal email to my wii address book, and it automatically sent me a message to my email...but I am not receiving the reply messages on my wii that I send from my PC...Also it won't let me send messages to my email yet...is this because I didn't receive the friend confirmation?

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    Hi,not sure if the link to this thread will work or not. But you are not the only one having this problem..my fiance and I had the same problem..we were registering our emails...both hotmail accounts. We would get the e-mail and reply to it, like instructed, but it would never actually register on the wii. Then we tried a g-mail account, and it worked fine. Was registered within a couple of minutes. So I don't know if it might be a problem with servers or what. And I don't know if this helps you ANY,..but I hope so :-)
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