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    Wii Error Code 52230

    So im at college on our wireless network (mind you im having issues with them as we speak to open port 80 so i can play bf games on the PC) and when i try to connect i get that error. It has something to do with the schools firewall. Well the IT dept told me pretty much to suck it (they would not help me get online with my 360 which was BS also) and i cant use the school internet for other than email and messageboards. Im going in front of the college board trying to get things changed so us gamers arent being left out. Well as of right now snice i cant connect my Wii to the internet can i in any way use my BELKIN wireless adatapor to use as a wireless signel for my Wii to connect to? Any hardware downloads so i can do such a thing? Im asking cause it wont be till january till we can go in front of people to speak on the issue and i dont want to sit here all winter break and go crazy. Any help ideas way to solve this issue?
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    Try this!

    Check out support.nintendo.com. It has a lot of supports. And check if your college use proxy. If they do, type it in on your wii. And maybe this is a problem with IP and DNS. Go to your wii. Then click on wii settings. Then go right, then internet. Now, you could check out IP and DNS on your computer. If you are using Windows, go to start, then run. Then type cmd. When the creepy window pops out, type ipconfig/all. This should do it. If you are a mac user, click on system preferences, then the network (the small globe). That will do. Again, check out the website on this post. You can get more information there. I am only copying this for you. Going to the website will be more easier.

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