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    Will my router work?

    Ok so i am planning on getting a Wii for x-mas and i just want to make sure i am ready for online play. I Want to know if my router will work fine with Wii Wi-Fi, its a wireless router and my psp and laptops all get the signal and browse off it so should the Wii be good to go also? Oh and another Q i got is how far can the Wii be from the router cause my psp cant get a signal from where i want to put my wii, im hoping the Wii will have a better range.

    Thanks for any help in advance, and i look forward to being a active member on WiiChat.

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    thats a tought one, the Wii has two wifi antenas inside wich should help, psp has one, do u leave wifi power save on? turn it off u will get a better sinal but uses more battery and if worst comes to worst and ur wii dosent get a signal you can buy a directional antenna for ur router, go to linksys or D-link to see what im talking about.

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