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Thread: slow update

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    slow update

    so i just bought a LAN adapter ( http://tinyurl.com/yj79st7 )

    trying to connect to the internet:

    • plugged it in to the usb ports
    • plugged my enthernet cord into it (after reseting my modem)
    • tested the connection (it connected)
    • could not update

    the update was very slow, and hour and not even 10% completed. i looked at my package and there was a cd and instalation instructions. do i need to follow the instructions to be able to update?

    help please?

    ~ the dream chaser, sparky

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    First I'd check the instructions and make sure you didn't miss anything. Most reviews say the drive CD isn't needed. What kind of modem are you plugging this into? Cable/dsl? What brand name modem? Motorola/Westell? Have you tried a different piece of CAT5 cable? Does the internet channel work? If so, go to speedtest.net on the internet channel and check your bandwitdh.
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