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    How long does it take you to connect?

    So. I Decided not to go with the USB adapter after hearing .... not the greatest things about it.

    So I go out and buy a new router, and it works great. Now the thing to determine is, why the heck is everything on the wii loading so slow? I know people have said that the channels might be busy, but seriously its been over an hour for me trying to get on the WII SHOP channel....

    I know my connection isn't that bad at all. And the wii hasnt had any trouble connecting.....so whats the deal? Are the channels just busy?


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    Did you set your connection settings to your router?

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    It should only take a few moments. If your waiting for an hour, then something is definitely wrong. Does it actually work after an hour, or does it never work?

    1. Change the wireless router to mixed mode (b and g).
    2. Change the wireless channel to 1 or 11.
    3. Check your security settings in the router including the MAC table and your encryption. For troubleshooting purposes, try it without any security enabled.

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