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    Keep losing Wireless Connection

    I need help. I'm not too computer literate, but we have our wireless router set up thru our desktop and the connection on our laptop is good. The problem is, I can't seem to keep the wireless connection on my Wii. I've cleared Connection settings and started over more than 20 times. I have had it to connect and started watching netflix, but after about 2 minutes of watching the Wii lost the connection, but the router was connected. Can someone please help me? I've went thru all the steps on the Nintendo website and nothing works. It will say connection to internet was successful and then when i go back to the Netflix channel it says no internet connection is established... please help me

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    That's a tricky one.

    It could be that you are getting interference from somewhere, I used to live in an apartment building and my Wii connection would drop every 20 minutes, as soon as I moved there was no problems at all. I believe it was because of my neighbour's digital phone operating on the same frequency.

    You can try changing the MTU value on your router. A setting of 15 seems to work the best. Look at your router's instructions to see how to change the setting.

    Other than that you could try buying some sort of signal booster for your router, or perhaps upgrade to a better router. You could also try a wireless bridge and a Wii network adapter (wired); this works by relaying the wireless signal and letting you then use cables to connect. It could get expensive but if you don't have the option of running cables directly then it's an alternative.

    Is your Wii and Laptop in the same room? Or is the Wii farther away than the Laptop?
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