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    College WiFi & the Wii


    So, at my college to get online through wireless, you have to use a user name and password. They have a guest wifi which is unsecured, but when I try to use that with the Wii it times out with an error code.

    Is there anything I can do to log into my campus' wireless with the Wii? I'm just kind of stumped and frustrated.

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    The guest access network at your college may be using a proxy. At my University we have a WPA secured WLAN and we also have an unsecured WLAN that uses a proxy instead. When you connect to your unsecured wireless network, you may need to browse immediately to the proxy login page using the Opera browser in the Internet Channel on your Wii. This may give you access to the Internet with your Wii, but only for the Opera browser. I don't know if this will also allow online gaming or other benefits of using a Wii online.

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