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    better router???

    my wii is connected to internet and everything works but i constantly get disconected while playing cod online and i have the same problem on my xbox, sometimes im able to play a match or two but hardly ever, my systems are upstairs and the router is downstairs not sure how old the router is but its a belkin. gamestop suggested a better router, anyone else with this problem, any suggestion on which router would be best, there is a couple pc,s and a ps3 downstairs a wii and xbox all shareing the internet, any feedback would be great thx

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    Belkin is actually pretty good depending on the signal frequency. Can you give me the Router's Model Number.

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    There are a few things that could be effecting your signal. Sometimes, depending on the stuff in your walls, electronic interference, etc. could be blocking your signal. Have you tried moving your Wii downstairs? Also, how is the connecting for your PS3, which you said was downstairs.

    My friend has had a similar problem, his router was in the basement and his xbox was on the second floor in his room. Right between the router and his xbox was the kitchen. Every time someone was using kitchen appliances his wifi signal would get really crappy. With my help, he ended up using an old router as a repeater on the first floor.

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